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By Annette Osmeña

Experiencing the Art of Menstruated Cycles Through Movement and Poetry

July 3rd was an eye opening day for our Nala family! We were honoured to host the lovely Inka Linda who shared her wisdom on topics such as embracing menstrual cycles, owning our femininity and, most importantly, BloodLove. She awakened new perceptions toward the chaotic and cyclical nature of feminine energy and strives to transform attitudes of shame and fear into those of love and acceptance. 

Inka Linda is a multidimensional artist and a menstrual cycle enthusiast. She guides women to reconnect with their own unique menstrual wisdom through therapeutic, creative practices. Her project BloodLove is a growing international online community where women from all over the world can safely discuss, connect and share inspiration about their own menstrual experiences through art and storytelling. 

Nala strives to create a safe space for us to share our personal experiences and learn from one another. Check out the links below to learn more about the art of Blood Love and become part of our Nala family!


Have a look at the poems written by some of our lovely followers on our story highlight! 
BloodLove poem written by follower



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