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By Faye Varquez

Meet the athletic babe of Perigon, Rio Gabriel!

Life is indeed a ride of unexpected events! Take it from our passionate athletic babe and licensed physician: Rio Gabriel 🚲🩺
◽️ What keeps you busy nowadays?
working as a newly licensed physician on top of being an indoor cycling instructor at PERIGON
◽️ How do you balance your different roles in life?
if you love what you’re doing, you’ll find a way to make things work
◽️ What do you look most forward to when you wake up every morning?
I look forward to the people I’ll be with, whatever help I’ll be able to give their way, and the learnings that come with it
◽️ What does being a strong independent woman mean for you?
someone who will withstand any adversity with resiliency while being aware of the fact that there is nothing she can surpass on her own
Just like Rio Gabriel, here's to finding balance in our lives 🚲


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