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By Faye Varquez

Starting your sustainability journey: No better time to start than now! 🌱

Planning on changing your life for the better? Here are different ways to start your sustainability journey
βœ… Practice Power Off - Turning off lights and other electronics that are not in use does a lot in conserving energy.

βœ… Change your Commute - Got somewhere to go? Walking or cycling is a proven greener way to travel as is reduces air pollution (and could also double as your work-out regime!)

βœ… Eat Consciously - Love take-out? Remember to bring a reusable container next time you eat out, or choose restaurants that use biodegrable and recyclable packaging when ordering your food.
use biodegradable and recyclable packaging or containers - Nalawoman Inc.

βœ… Thrift Shop - Fast fashion is amongst the world's top pollutants. Instead of always buying new, try out that ukay-ukay near your neighbourhood, or explore shops that reuse old textile!

βœ… Make the Switch - We ladies know how much pads we go through when we're on our period. Make the more eco-friendly choice of using sustainably-made plastic free sanitary pads (or tampons) on your next flow.


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No better time to start than now! 🌱 It’s these small steps that make a world of difference for our planet and for your own lifestyle.




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