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  • nala woman night pad philippines biodegradable organic
  • Nala Pads Bundle
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  • Nala Pads Bundle
  • Nala Pads Bundle
  • Nala Pads Bundle
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Nala Pads Bundle

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We put everything you need during that time of the month in one- easy order to package. This bundle comes with 6 boxes of our best-selling biodegradable sanitary pads (6 months worth of period care supply)

Choose between the following combinations, in the Pick Your Pad tab before adding to cart:  
Nala Day Pads Only 
6 Nala Night Pads Only 
3 Nala Day Pads + 3 Nala Night Pads 

Benefits of NALA Products: Make the switch today!

1. All NALA products are made with NALA GOTS-certified Organic cotton, and are anatomically shaped for maximum comfort and leak protection.

2. NALA Pads are certified non-toxic. Traditional pads (other brands in the Philippines) are made with artificial fibers such as Rayon and are exposed to toxic chemicals that lead to long-term irritation and other vaginal health problems. Your body deserves better! 

3. Traditional pads take 500-800 years to biodegrade. NALA pads take only 3 to 5 years! 

Check out our Flowchart for our recommendations guide that follows your Menses Phase :)


    Organic cotton that’s soft, breathable, and fully absorbent. The top sheet of each pad allows for the optimal humidity that’s compatible with our body’s pH.

  • Clinically Tested ☁️

    Made with hypoallergenic, GOTS certified organic cotton, which helps to prevent the risk of irritations, itching, and allergies.

  • The Right Fit 👗

    Our pads are designed with you in mind, so they’re anatomically shaped and fit snugly for the better protection against leaks.

Make the switch

Why nala pads?

This new generation of organic pads delivers healthy leak protection and comfort for all of your activities - from downward dog to drinks for two! 

Made without harmful chemicals, the Nala Pads are clinically-tested hypoallergenic, which helps prevent the risk of irritations, itching, and allergies.