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About Us

Since we started bleeding many moons ago, we’ve always wondered why there were limited period care options available in the Philippines.

We wanted safe & sustainable products, free from harmful chemicals, artificial fibers, and plastics with which were littering our oceans & landfills. And we’re pretty sure that we weren’t alone.

We’ve spent the past few years sourcing and designing the best possible period care products for you and promise to offer you transparency in our ingredients and process.

We take feminine TLC a little more seriously, so the monthly party in our pants is safer, healthier, and actually feels like the celebration of womanhood that it is.

To Everyone With Periods.

For you, the mainstream disposable period products user. Those life-long habits will be tough to overcome, and it may be simpler to buy products that are familiar and convenient because it's easy. We designed Nala with your need for a simplified lifestyle in mind, to help make the switch easier. 

For you, the First Flow Girl. Welcome to the club! Your menarche (or first period) is a magical thing to go through. It may be awkward and a little messy at first, but know it's all normal. We're here to walk beside you these next few years as you get to learn more about your body and what's best for it. The more we know, the better decisions we can make for ourselves...and that's empowering 😊

For you, the one who makes conscious and deliberate product purchases based on your values. You already know what's best for your health and the environment. Our products were sourced with you in mind and give you access to better period care products you've been searching for.

There is a whole village of women who are looking out for all of you from Moira, Angel, Annette, Mikee, Amanda, Yanna, Anjali, Kookie, Karina, Ihna, and Jade. And our allies, Paby and Keizer.

Our goal is to tackle the ways traditional period products have disadvantaged us through the years. And know that we strive to do right by you, your body, your health, and the planet. 


Founder & CEOvaries