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  • Nala Super Tampons
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Nala Super Tampons

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Introducing our eco-conscious Super Tampons by Nala Woman, made with organic cotton and featuring a plastic-free applicator. Experience the benefits and flexibility of using tampons, like discreet protection and the freedom to stay active during your period!

You'll love the soft, rounded tip designed for easy insertion and a smooth glide, making your period experience more comfortable. The super absorbent core is wrapped in a special cotton safety layer, ensuring no fibers are left behind.

With no harmful chemicals and a plastic-free design, our Nala Tampons are clinically tested hypoallergenic – say goodbye to irritations, itching, and allergies! Enjoy the confidence to wear any outfit, participate in sports, and go swimming with ease, even on heavier flow days.

Each box comes with 16 individually wrapped applicator tampons (9-12 grams), ready for you to embrace all life's adventures during your period. Give our eco-friendly Super Tampons a try, and we're sure you'll appreciate the comfort, freedom, and care they provide! 😊