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By Nalawoman Inc. Philippines

Inclusivity in Period Care & How Nala Woman’s Menstrual Pads help

Menstruation can be a sensitive topic for some. 

It can also be upsetting for women going through menopause. As you get older, your menstrual cycle becomes considerably more erratic. These abrupt changes in your body can cause mood swings, anger, and even fatigue—and they may have an impact on your interactions with others.  

Menstruation is a very personal experience. As such, we shouldn’t treat it as something to be ashamed of, nor should we let others shame it for us either. 

At the end of the day, only we get to choose what our periods mean to us.

Nala Woman offers a variety of products suited for menstruators.

Having many options to choose from, we want to let you have your own say in how you should treat your period. 

For those who want to move around worry-free, Nala’s Pantyliners offer great comfort on the daily. Soft, Thin, and Absorbent, our pantyliners offer the ideal leak protection!

Nala’s Maternity Pads make the same promises as well. Extra long and extra thick, you can kick back, relax, and do the things you love most without the added stress.  

Made of organic cotton, our products are not only environmentally friendly, but perfect for sensitive skin. Our mold allows the utmost versatility, providing long-lasting comfort throughout the day. 

So if you ever feel distressed or out-of-place, just remember:  Nala’s always got your back!


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