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By Nalawoman Inc. Philippines

Importance of Self-Care for Mothers during Menstruation and Menopause

Motherhood comes with a lot of victories and struggles.

There’s a lot of things they don’t put in textbooks. You’ll find that each and every day is a new learning experience, which is why it’s important to be patient with yourself. Not only are you going through changes mentally, but physically as well.

When you’re a new mother, your hormones undergo a big change after childbirth. While you’re breastfeeding, you’ll find that you won’t be getting your period for typically six to eight weeks. This is mainly due to the hormone Prolactin. While Prolactin will help you produce breast milk, it will also suppress ovulation. 

You can anticipate a few changes when your period eventually returns. Your breastmilk production can decline. Even when the milk's flavor changes, your baby's response could shift. However, you shouldn't worry because neither of them should endanger your ability to breastfeed.

After birth, your uterus expands. This will cause greater shedding of the uterine walls, hence a heavier and more painful flow. You could also expect more vaginal discharge known as Lochia to come out during menstruation.

Your body will effectively go into overdrive while you recuperate. Rest as much as you can to hasten the healing process. Always drink plenty of water and consume balanced meals to build muscle. Making connections with your partner or friends will also be beneficial to you, providing you with both emotional and physical support. 

Remember, don’t use tampons shouldn't be used at this time since your body is still recovering from the damage. 

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