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By Nalawoman Inc. Philippines

Pledge-a-Pad: A Right, not a Privilege

Menstrual Hygiene is a Right, not a Privilege.

Our monthly period should be safe, clean, and comfortable. 

Sadly, not everyone can meet these basic needs. Period poverty is how menstrual welfare and education have been stigmatized, making it hard for people to get hygiene products. 

You might feel embarrassed or ashamed when sanitary napkins, tampons, and other menstrual products aren't available.   It makes periods seem like a hassle

—but it shouldn’t be. 

Our periods are a celebration of our being; it is a celebration of our growth, our sex, and our miraculous identity.    

Nala Woman's Pledge-a-Pad campaign aims to give vulnerable women in communities more access to period products as part of our ongoing initiative to combat Period Poverty. 

One of our recent Pledge-a-Pad projects was #PesoPad, held March 27-31. PesoPad was a raffle where participants would get the chance to win hygiene products by donating the amount of the prize they wanted. 

All proceeds went to our partner beneficiary, READucate, which provides  menstrual products to many underprivileged young girls and women so that they may pursue their education with ease. 

While PesoPad may be over, the good news is that you can still support the initiative by donating to our Pledge-a-Pad campaign until April! All you have to do is click on the link below and donate any amount from PHP 10 and above! 

👉🏼 Pledge-A-Pad

With just a click of a button, you can Pledge a Pad today and make it someone’s day 💜


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