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By Faye Varquez

Vaginal Yeast Infection: Feeling itchy down there? πŸ˜₯

We commonly hear the term 'yeast infection,' but do we truly know what it is? πŸ€”
A healthy vagina has the perfect balance of bacteria and yeast cells. But when that balance changes, a fungus called called Candida albicans multiply, causing a yeast infection.Β 
What are the possible causes?

possible causes of yeast infection - Nalawoman Inc.

Check out for the symptoms, if you experience any one of these, it might be a yeast infection: experiencing vaginal itching or swelling, seeing rashes or redness down there, or feeling a burning sensation when you pee, or pain during sex.
While not a sexually transmitted disease, sexual contact can help spread yeast infection. However, since its causes are more on personal factors like diet and hygiene, non-sexually active women can also get this.Β Β 
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