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By Faye Varquez

Why Choose Organic Products?

The vagina is one of the more absorptive than any area of the skin, the vulva and vagina are highly vascular! Anything that goes in there will greatly affect your overall menstrual health.
The vagina and vulva being highly vascular means that it can absorb almost anything and everything that you let it come in contact with aka your sanitary napkin, tampons, pantyliners, etc.
Using period products that contain chemicals will greatly affect your menstrual health and will lead to certain conditions like yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, skin irritations, and even how heavy your flow would be! Little things like making conscious decisions go a long way!
Always remember, loving oneself means doing what's good for you and your body, ESPECIALLY when you're on your period. #SwitchToNalaΒ πŸ’œ
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